Ready. Set. Go. The NBA season is almost here.  The NBA schedule came out today and there are so many interesting games on board for this season.  For right now I am going to analyze the Mavs schedule. 

First off, the Mavs have an INSANE amount of back to back games: 20!!!!  I know the Mavs were pretty good last year in back to backs, so hopefully they can pull through these tough games.  I say they go 13-7 on the second night of back to back games.

Opening Night: Charlotte 10/27/10

What a great game to open the season.  I think the Bobcats are going to be a competive team this year.  I think that this will be a good test to start the season against an up and coming young team.  Also, this is where Tyson Chandler was traded from, so I think he will show great effort in this game against his former team. Mavs Start the season 1-0.

First encounter with LBJ, D-Wade, and CB4: Maimi 11/27/10

This is going to be a tough game especially because it is on the second night of a back to back.  It will be interesting to see how our Mavs come up in this one because they play the EVIL Spurs the night before.  I think if they have a great night before and rest there man guys then they can pull this one out.

First Month of the Season: Mavs record 12-5.

In the Month of December, the Mavs have an important home strech that they have to take advantage of. They are home for 9 of the 14 games. One of the games that interests me the most is actually a road game.

Out of the Christmas break: Oklahoma City 12/27/10

This game is going to be an awesome one.  After a long break for both teams this will test each others will to win this one.  Oklahoma City is a great team.  When you have one of the Top 5 offensive players on your team it is going to be tough night for the Mavs.  I think with a great team effort by the Mavs they can pull this one out.

Second Month of the Season: Mavs record 22-9

In January, the Mavs play 16 games.  8 on the road and 8 at home. One of the most intriguing games of the month is when the World Champs come to town.

Taking on the Champs: Los Angeles Lakers 1/19/11

This game is going to be a thriller. The Mavs dont always play well against the Lakers, but I think our length is alot better this year with the additions of Tyson Chandler and the rookie D-Jones.  This will come down to the wire, and the Mavs will pull it out at home.

Third Month of the Season: Mavs record 35-12

In Febuary, the Mavs play 12 games.  This is a tough month being on the road for 9 games.  Last year the Mavs on the road rocked it out.  This year I expect the same sort of effort.  This month's game of the month would have to be at Denver.

Mile High Endeavor: Denver 2/10/11

Again the Mavs will play Denver on the second night of a back to back like last season.  I think as long as the Mavs can get off to a great start they can take this game to them, and bring home a victory!!!

Fourth Month of the Season: Mavs Record 44-15

In March, the Mavs play 16 games.  This is going to be a crazy month for our boys.  First off the Mavs play 5 back to back games in ONE month.  This should be one of the tougher months for them.  The most exciting game of the month is going to be against the dreaded Spurs.

Southwest Showdown:  San Antonio 3/18/11

At least this game is not on the second night of a back to back.  It is always a battle when the Spurs come to town.  This game is going to be a must win since it is against a division rival.  I think that the Mavs have much needed depth this year compared to last year. This will help during this rigorous season.   The pull this one out and increase their division lead over the Spurs.

Fifth Month of the Season: Mavs record 54-21

In to April, the least month of the season the Mavs play only 7 games.  All these games are against Western Conference opppents.  These games will be vital to the Mavs success in the post season.  I always like to have momentum going into the playoffs.  I think one of the toughest games this month will be at Portland. 

Battle of the Division Leaders:  Portland 4/3/11

I beileve that the Mavs and Blazers will atop their division this year.  Both teams have great talent, and amazing star players.  There always seems to be epic battles between the Mavs and Blazers.  I expect this game to go to the wire, but unfortanetly the Mavs will go down in this one.  Not to worry it is just a regular season game.

Overall Record: 58-24 1st in the Southwest and 2nd in the Conference.

Hope all the Mavs fans out there enjoy this as much as I did writing this.  I hope this season will be a great one!!! Let's Go MAVS!!!!!