Welcome to The Mavs Maniac!!!


Let me introduce myself.  My name is Andrew Weinstein and I am a Mavs Maniac!! I have been a Mavs fan pretty much all my life, even during the TERRIBLE 90's.  I have season tickets and try to go to every game along with watching on the TV and cell phone(thank you iPhone).  I follow the Mavs very religiously.  I was devastated when the Mavs made it to the finals and got CHEATED by the Heat.  My favorite quote from an article I read was, "I farted at home and I got a foul from D-Wade."  I am very interested, along with other Mavs fans, in what they can do the rest of the offseason.  I believe they have done a great job in assembling this team.  I am excited to see what our young guys can do this season.  I am really excited about Domnic Jones. We have always needed a guy that actually DRIVES to the basket.  There is much more for me to discuss, but I want other Mavs fans to read this blog and interact so we can have interactive discussions.